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House Rules

ELPICO is all about community, and the spirit of fiesta, while it transcends our culture, needs to be tempered by a general care and concern for one another and the team at EL PICO.

So below are some house rules that every member or guest must adhere, so that we can feel that EL PICO is our house – a place that everyone can come home to. These rules apply to all members, guests and la familia members of EL PICO, events, shindigs, private sessions and general revelry.

  1. Do not abuse the team! Remember, they pour your drinks and serve you. We tolerate no shouting or physical abuse. Instant revocation of membership, access and the la policia will show up.

  2. Please do not abuse the terms of your membership. Work hard, play hard, play fair. Any abuse of membership terms will be subject to revocation and recuperation of loss.

  3. We have some nice stuff, so no ladrona, or stealing of items or bringing home “souvenirs” . We’re not a hotel room.

  4. No illegal , illicit or vice activities in the premises please. Our cameras are in 4K and our cleaner is well trained.

  5. Please do not film other members or guests without their permission. No paparazzi.

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